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artisan bread

We use traditional artisan baking methods developed over thousands of years, mixing quality ingredients with natural starters by hand, in a slow-rise process that produces extraordinary results.

To create our breads, we carefully watch and feel the doughs as they change with the varying heat, light and moisture conditions of each day. After rising, our breads are then baked in stone-hearth ovens. This ancient process transforms flour and grains into flavourful and nutritious breads with a beautiful, hearty crust and a moist and soft interior.

We source and use organic ingredients whenever we can. Our wheat is pre-fermented, which is often easier to digest. And, for all of our products, we use the most-whole, unaltered version of that ingredient we can find. 

Our breads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes: loaf, demi-loaf, baguette, demi-baguette, flatbreads, panini, ficelle, fougasse (ladder bread) and rolls. For a softer crust, try our Pizza Bianca Loaves, Stecca and Bianca Panini, Challah breads or rolls, or Italian Cheese Bread.  We also offer organic breads, and try to use certified organic ingredients in our breads whenever possible.

Explore taste with us and discover the brilliance of bread.

cranberry pistachio
black olive
challah braided or pan
fig + anise
french baguette
french epi
french loaf
green olive
green olive fougasse
italian cheese
italian cheese sticks
pecan + fruit
pizza bianca & panini
pumpkin seed
rosemary + olive oil
Organic Breads*
pain de campagne
rye + caraway rye
sourdough baguette
sourdough epi
sourdough loaf
spelt sunflower flax
whole wheat