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artisan bread

At Terra Breads, sharing the common language of good food brings us together. Staying true to time-honoured and traditional techniques, we take classic recipes to a whole new level.


Our hands-on method begins with a fermentation process that improves digestion, makes nutrients more bio-available and imparts complex flavour into our breads. Every loaf is hand crafted and each respective signature pattern is scored by hand. After rising on French linen, we bake our breads in stone-hearth ovens, fresh every day for you to enjoy in our cafes and in grocery stores and restaurants.


We source local, organic ingredients whenever possible and still use the same techniques that distinguished our bread when we began over 20 years ago.


With bakers contributing 15-20 years of dedication and our owners still leading the team, it’s clear we love what we do and it shows.

cranberry pistachio
black olive
challah braided or pan
fig + anise
french baguette
french epi
french loaf
green olive
green olive fougasse
italian cheese
italian cheese sticks
pecan + fruit
pizza bianca & panini
pumpkin seed
rosemary + olive oil
Organic Breads*
heritage sourdough levain
pain de campagne
rye + caraway rye
sourdough baguette
sourdough loaf
spelt sunflower flax
whole wheat