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New: Rustic Ciabatta

There’s a new bread in town. Introducing our Rustic Ciabatta (pronounced cha-BAH-ta).

In 1982 a Baker in Italy created Ciabatta in response to the popularity of the French baguette (it really is another classic bread in our books). The literal translation of Ciabatta from Italian to English means ‘ slipper’ and references the flattened oval form of a well-worn slipper. Trust us, it’s much more delicious than it sounds.

This Italian-style bread is made from simple ingredients: wheat flour, water, olive oil, sea salt + yeast. And the open inside crumb is so beautiful it may just take your breath away as you are whispering “bella”.  Our Ciabatta is excellent served fresh or  toasted with some cheese or salami. The possibilities for slicing are endless: split horizontally at your desired length for sandwiches, panini, muffelata, garlic bread, even peanut butter and jelly…… or use whole as flatbread with limitless toppings. Day-old bread can be used as croutons in a panzanella salad.  Stop by for a sample in any of our bakery cafes.